7questions you should know and ask before designing a logo

πŸ‘‹πŸ’¬7questions you should know and ask before designing a logo

πŸ”΄Type of business?

First of all you must ask your client, what is their business type? The reason for asking

this question is to research about their brand and nature in order to design a suitable visual for them.

Eg. Sport, fashion, education etc.

πŸ”΄Who are the main competitors?

Explore their competitors in order to know what makes them a unique look. Despite, look for what typefaces, color, design elements are they having to become unique and make people remember easily.

πŸ”΄Who is your primary target audience?

By identifying who your audience is, you can choose suitable typeface, color, sense otherwise a logo and brand identity will not communicate with your target audience in the market place.

πŸ”΄What color do they like?

Don’t choose colors base on your favorite.

Keep in mind that when it comes to branding and businesses, colors convey a psychological impact on your target customers.

πŸ”΄What words fit the brand best?

let’s say your brand is a smartphone phone company which is

“Apple”. Their logo is synonyms with its products and most of the user say it is user-friendly and simplicity. That’s the word which fits your brand.

πŸ”΄Business goal?

Get to know their business goal, we need to ask their company’s visions and missions. So that we can base those information to expand our design concepts, different visual and most importantly to be timeless.


By asking above questions client would understand how much effort you have to put and it’s a good timing to negotiate the budget base on their needs, visions and your experience.

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